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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Correct maintenance by cleaning of commercial carpets will not only extend the life of any carpet investment but will also help to preserve a satisfactory level of appearance and comfort within the working environment. As part of your company’s image, millions of pounds are spent on buildings and interior design concepts and poorly maintained carpets can adversely affect a facility’s image and accelerate the need for carpet replacement.

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Stain Spot Cleaning

Localised stains caused by accidental spillage will often occur on your office carpets. As part of the maintenance programme, regular removal of spots and spills should be carried out to help maintain an acceptable appearance level between scheduled deep carpet cleaning. Immediate action should be taken when confronted with spots and spills where practically possible; this will reduce the probability of a permanent stain. Endeavour to classify the stain as it is important to use those solutions and techniques which are appropriate for the specific type of stain to be treated.

Hot Water Extraction

Despite regular vacuum and spot cleaning, the appearance of the carpet will in time become dulled due to an accumulation of dirt and stains that regular cleaning cannot remove. It then becomes necessary to wet clean the carpet.

We recommend that carpets are deep cleaned periodically using the hot water extraction process. This method is effective in removing soil and residue from carpeting.

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Some commercial carpet cleaning solutions are very harsh and can damage both the surface pile of the carpet and the backings.

We guarantee that we only use carpet cleaning products that are safe for you and the surrounding environment! It is therefore important to select solutions that meet the basic standards outlined in our policy and to evaluate each product before using it.

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